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Dispute Settlement

The resolution of civil as well as criminal disputes requires extensive and thorough legal knowledge. Such resolution doesn’t guarantee complete victory for every client we represent, instead whether or not they are at fault, each of our clients as individuals possess legal rights and are entitled to having their interests protected.

Dispute resolution can be done inside and outside of the court. In resolving disputes, we are not fixated on resolving inside the court, which may take up plenty of time and resources. We always strive to deliver the best advice suited to the case and legal standing, which depends from client to client. By doing so, our clients receive tailor-made legal advice appropriate for their case.

Experience and the excellence of our team are the strengths we utilise to resolve disputes. Such experiences are armed with tremendous energy and expansive knowledge so that every dispute ends with satisfactory results and a sustainable positive relationship between us and our clients.

IP Registration

Excluding copyright, registration is one of the ways one can get protection over their intellectual property in Indonesia. Without such registration, an intellectual property is prone to getting unrightfully claimed by someone else. There have been numerous cases of intellectual property owners losing their exclusive rights resulting from lack of knowledge regarding intellectual property laws.

The State grants the monopoly rights to the owners of intellectual property by issuing certificates as proof of ownership. Such certificates can only be issued through a registration process to the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia through the Director General of Intellectual Property. The aim of the registration is to provide certainty of law for the owner of the intellectual property as well as easing the government’s work of identifying the owners of such intellectual properties.

Betlehn IP Office has experiences aplenty in consulting and representing the owners of intellectual property to register their Intellectual Property. As an IP Office, we are highly dedicated to educate people on the importance of gaining protection for their intellectual property. The scope of work that we do starts from consultancy to dispute resolution.

IPO Assistance

In the capital market sector, our practice focuses on an array of capital markets products and engages specialists in debt and equity capital markets, structured finance, securitization, collective investment contract, as well as private and public offering. We have broad experiences in rendering assistance to issuers, arrangers, underwriters, corporations, and other market participants across all major sectors and in all areas of capital markets. Acting as counsel for issuance of capital market products allows us to gain a deep insight into the issues and their complexities.

The Indonesian financial markets have been encountering the most challenging conditions for the past few years and it has required divergent approaches as the markets adjust to the ever-changing economic, political, and regulatory conditions. Yohanes & Partners offers their commitment to excellence and delivers a full-service legal practice with highest-quality expertise in the capital market sector.

Our Clients

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